Manicure Menu

  • $30 Basic Manicure 
  • $50 Ultimate Spa Manicure
    • Take a break from your hectic schedule and pamper your hands to a relaxing clean.  Finish with a polish of your choosing.
  • $30 Gel-polish
  • $50 Manicure with Gel-polish
  • $55 French Manicure with Gel-polish
  • $15 Gel-polish removal without service (includes nail shape and trim)
  • $5+ Nail Art (depending on complexity)
  • $10 Paraffin Dip

Pedicure Menu

  • $30 Gel-polish only
  • $45 Basic Pedicure
    • Includes all of the standard nail care, callus removal, a massage, a hot-towel and finish with a polish of your choosing.
  • $55 Luxury Pedicure
    • This luxurious pedicure includes standard nail care, a sugar scrub, soothing mask to soften the skin, callus removal, a massage, hot-towel treatment and finish with a polish of your choosing.
  • $65 Deluxe Pedicure
    • The Deluxe spa pedicure includes standard nail care, a sugar scrub, a soothing mask to soften your skin, warm paraffin dip to moisturize your skin, callus removal, a massage, hot-towel treatment and finish with a polish of your choosing.
  • $70 Detox Soak Pedicure
    • There are approximately 5 million sweat glands where natural secretions of the body take place.  Destressing and relaxing, by soaking your feet in herbs has long been used in the far East.  Magnesium Sulfate crystals have many benefits for the wellness of the body.  Includes statndard nail care, callus removal,  cuccio natuarale soak for 15 minutes, followed by a serum.
  • $80 Pearl Spa Pedicure
    • This service includes (standard nail care, callus removal): Pearl soak - Absorbs oils and impurities.  Pearl cleanser - Keeps skin clear and smooth, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow.  Pearl scrub - Filters the Suns rays.  Pearl foot mask - Contains 20 amino acids.  Pearl Massage Cream - Contains a natural moisturizer.  Pearl Cream - Contains proteins that promote healty young looking skin.
    • This is believed by some to be good for bone development and to promote healthy, lustrous skin.
  • $95 Jelly Pedi Ultimate Plus
    • Jelly Pedi is truly a unique spa experience.  (Includes standard nail care and callus removal) Jelly Pedi turns water into luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.  Add Jelly Pedi to warm water and it becomes translucent and fluffy substance that retains its heat up to four times longer than regular water.
    • This aloe vera extract which is gentle enough for sensitive skin, acts as a burst of hydration for dry and tired skin.  This service has five steps, followed by a 20 minute massage, hot-towel treatment, finished with a polish of your choosing.
  • $70 Basic Pedicure with Gel-polish
  • $10 Paraffin Dip
  • $10 Hot Stone